cover of indie bible

Indie Bible 2009 cover art

Thank you, Indie Bible! Appreciate the prime real estate!

What is Indie Bible, you say?

David Wimble personally visited every music website possible, found out if they legitimately help promote music from independent musicians, and if so, lists them in the Indie Bible (8000 contact directory), organized by style of music, geography, and more. An invaluable resource.

Learn more at the Indie Bible website.

By the way, I’m not affiliated with Indie Bible — aside from having fun being on the cover this year and

using it as a resource myself. I don’t receive any portion of your Indie Bible purchase, but I appreciate your support of independent musicians everywhere!

It’s SOOOOOO good! I’m amazed! A must for anyone wanting to promote their music – everywhere! The Indie Bible Kicks Ass!!– Derek Sivers
CEO of CD Baby

WOW is all I can say! This is an absolutely priceless resource for Indie musicians. If you want your music reviewed or on the radio THIS is the resource you need to have!– Jodi Krangle
founder of The Muse’s Muse Songwriting Community

The Indie Bible is a ‘must have’ for any Indie Artist!– Madalyn Sklar
founder of

Websites come and go within 6 months to a year. The Indie Bible is the only music resource that stays

on top of who’s around and who’s not. They also focus primarily on music sites that have actual value to artists. All the musicians I work with personally are required to have a copy!– Tim Sweeney
author of Tim Sweeney’s Guide to Releasing Independent Records